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So, after two years of space tripping, our ship has finally landed, with fresh new stories to tell to you, earthling folks, in the hope to give you knowledge about the evil forces at work in our Galaxy…


released June 13, 2017

Produced by Tom Maverick and FUBAR at Versilian Black Noise studio

Agent Alfa: Lead Vocals
Agent Beta: Lead Guitars
Agent Gamma: Rhythm Guitars
Agent Delta: Bass
Agent F.u.b.a.r.: Drums



all rights reserved


FUBAR Viareggio, Italy

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Track Name: Star Warlocks

Then came the Skypes
They rule thru their lies
With magick and technology
They mold their golems

The golems are salesmen
They sell their master’s virus
They sell it like a panacea
Corrupting souls

The Google is on their leash
Distorts the light we see
As it fits them they will unleash
The dark ray of their disease

Servants of the reptile queen
Self-assured they’re gonna win
Blind by an eye they haven’t seen
Their doom is written with the blood of their kin
Track Name: Hordes of Mutant Drones

A million miles into the deepest Poz
Those mutant ‘Toids won’t let us free at all
I got my blasters I got my Z.F.G.
Just band together and free this galaxy

They judge they hunt feeding on their lies
They do anything they told us that they hate
You just have to reverse whatever they say
Get closer to the black hole and start to play

The Poz is getting bigger by the day
Legions of drones surround our system mate
Smuggle what you can, come orbit around the Sun
Won’t be too long ‘til the shit hits the fan

Don’t even dare to get the infection out of them
Too late too late too late to save all of them
Just let ‘em face the hell they raised in this density
Just let reverse the r into a big K

Fighting the hordes of the mutant drones
Track Name: Plan Eleven

Promotion of distortion
Accelerate the motion
Like a poisoned lotion

detached off the ground
paid to confound
like an ultrasound

writhe in to convulsion
you get grounded no redemption

keep on crowning wolves
dressed in lamb’ suits
keep on grinding balls
like some big ringed sloot

you won’t see it coming
there won’t be escape
you will asphyxiate
while your own blood spills
Track Name: The Army of Chaos

Slimy creepers
Crawl beneath
The surface

Pollute the blood
Of our planet
They suck on truth
And give back decay

Turning soldiers into viruses
No danger like this surfaced in eons
The army of chaos chills your soul
No human weapon will defeat them

The only thing they fear is
The burning Sun

their own reflection turns them to rock
armed with the basilisk of truth
armed with the holy mirror
we face the army of chaos, the face of death

their very own poison weakens their basement
their very own evil kills their souls
they’re vowed to total destruction
we’re vowed to their demise
Track Name: Snake Empress

High propellers carburated
There’s nothing to wait for
Stealth mission to Mintaka
Casualties of no concern

First target the snake of lies
You know how it works
Chop their rotten breed down to pieces
Then their scaly heads off

No economies on antimatter
There’s an enemy who thrives on lies

Infected throne of the agent of chaos
We’re headed to the final clash

let’s kill Orion empress
let’s hunt the queen of lies

The initiated holds the power
The connected are still asleep
Annihilate the twenty-one with the unbroken fourteen
Minions don’t get in our way
Track Name: Distortion Worshippers

They live in the lower
Nebula of sin
Detached their bodies
From their souls

Worshipping the chaos of unbridled matter
Making one solid block
Dwelling in to the densest dept
Destroying who don’t conform

Castration their rule
Distortion, how good
Delusion, a creed
Their own poison their noose

Every concession
It’s a step
In their cage

Disguised as saviors
They act
Like leeches

Forked tongue
Weak bodies
Poisoned minds

Living in a glass house
An echo chamber
Keep throwing stones
Track Name: Venuspell
Track Name: Reptilian

Living in the shade
Hiding thru shape shift
Funding cults of death
Deceiving the planets

Feeding off fear
Feeding off blood
Your time has come

Ruling thru spells
Reptilian flesh eaters
Your time has come
Track Name: Revelation
By H. P. Lovecraft

In a vale of light and laughter,
Shining ’neath the friendly sun,
Where fulfilment follow’d after
Ev’ry hope or dream begun;
Where an Aidenn gay and glorious,
Beckon’d down the winsome way;
There my soul, o’er pain victorious,
Laugh’d and lingered—yesterday.

Green and narrow was my valley,
Temper’d with a verdant shade;
Sun-deck’d brooklets musically
Sparkled thro’ each glorious glade;
And at night the stars serenely
Glow’d betwixt the boughs o’erhead,
While Astarte, calm and queenly,
Floods of fairy radiance shed.

There amid the tinted bowers,
Raptur’d with the opiate spell
Of the grasses, ferns, and flowers,
Poppy, phlox and pimpernel,
Long I lay, entranc’d and dreaming,
Pleas’d with Nature’s bounteous store,
Till I mark’d the shaded gleaming
Of the sky, and yearn’d for more.

Eagerly the branches tearing,
Clear’d I all the space above,
Till the bolder gaze, high faring,
Scann’d the naked skies of Jove;
Deeps unguess’d now shone before me,
Splendid beam’d the solar car;
Wings of fervid fancy bore me
Out beyond the farthest star.

Reaching, gasping, wishing, longing
For the pageant brought to sight,
Vain I watch’d the gold orbs thronging
Round celestial poles of light.
Madly on a moonbeam ladder
Heav’n’s abyss I sought to scale,
Ever wiser, ever sadder,
As the fruitless task would fail.

Then, with futile striving sated,
Veer’d my soul to earth again,
Well content that I was fated
For a fair, yet low domain;
Pleasing thoughts of glad tomorrows,
Like the blissful moments past,
Lull’d to rest my transient sorrows,
Still’d my godless greed at last.

But my downward glance, returning,
Shrank in fright from what it spy’d;
Slopes in hideous torment burning,
Terror in the brooklet’s tide:
For the dell, of shade denuded
By my desecrating hand,
’Neath the bare sky blaz’d and brooded
As a lost, accursed land.
Track Name: Break Thru

We’ve finally break thru
Thru the fence
The schemers went on
On panic mode
And it’s only just begun
Just begun

Oh and what we found
Oh what we found
The cradle of all the Universe
The den of evil itself
Evil itself

This is not over
No time to rest
Keep the fight alive
To the next

Don’t over think it
Just over react
Shoot all your bullets
Get your System clean

Among an army of reptilians
One to hundreds fight like a berserk

Keep slashing scaly heads
Keep chopping liars tongues
No time to stop
Take the fight to the next level

No time to stop
Take the fight to the next level
Track Name: Saturn Tells
Track Name: Astrophobos
By H. P. Lovecraft

In the midnight heavens burning
Thro’ ethereal deeps afar,
Once I watch’d with restless yearning
An alluring, aureate star;
Ev’ry eye aloft returning,
Gleaming nigh the Arctic car.

Mystic waves of beauty blended
With the gorgeous golden rays;
Phantasies of bliss descended
In a myrrh’d Elysian haze;
And in lyre-born chords extended
Harmonies of Lydian lays.

There (thought I) lies scenes of pleasure,
Where the free and blessed dwell,
And each moment bears a treasure
Freighted with a lotus-spell,
And there floats a liquid measure
From the lute of Israfel.

There (I told myself) were shining
Worlds of happiness unknown,
Peace and Innocence entwining
By the Crowned Virtue’s throne;
Men of light, their thoughts refining
Purer, fairer, than our own.

Thus I mus’d, when o’er the vision
Crept a red delirious change;
Hope dissolving to derision,
Beauty to distortion strange;
Hymnic chords in weird collision,
Spectral sights in endless range.

Crimson burn’d the star of sadness
As behind the beams I peer’d;
All was woe that seem’d but gladness
Ere my gaze with truth was sear’d;
Cacodaemons, mir’d with madness,
Thro’ the fever’d flick’ring leer’d.

Now I know the fiendish fable
That the golden glitter bore;
Now I shun the spangled sable
That I watch’d and lov’d before;
But the horror, set and stable,
Haunts my soul for evermore.